Rat Catcher

Rat Catcher is a piece of software designed to determine whether or not a piece of content has been copied from a source on the Internet. It can be used by an online magazine, for example, to determine whether or not a submission from a writer is their own original work. It can also be used for content creators to find other sites which may be using or copying their content without their permission.

Rat Catcher offers sophisticated processing that is simply not offered in other products, such as measuring the similarity of documents based upon the meaning of the content, not just the words themselves! In addition, Rat Catcher can check to see if the authors have similar styles. Planned for future development is an in-depth similarity match in which a thesaurus is checked for "creative rewordings" of documents. When you add it up, Rat Catcher goes far beyond the basic text matching that other "anti-plagiarism" applications offer, and is a true "content protection solution".

Rat Catcher is going to be offered in a variety of forms:

  • As a Web-based application
  • As a plug-in for Wordpress
  • As a Web service

Rat Catcher is currently in a public beta.

Event Log Manager

Event Log Manager is a simple, free utility that allows you to easily create and delete logs and sources in the Windows Event Log, as well as write new entries to the event logs. This is a great tool for developers who need to manage Event Log sources and logs without wanting to add the code to their application's startup or have to keep running the application installer. The write event functionality is helpful for systems administrators, particularly when testing Event Log monitoring software. Event Log Manager is distributed under the MIT License, and includes the full C# source code.
Download Event Log Manager

Event Log Manager Screenshot

File Shotgun

Once in a blue moon, you'll need to spread a bunch of files across a number of directories. File Shotgun handles this with ease. It lets you specify a numbering scheme for the sub-directories of the destination and a prefix/suffix for them (so they can have names like "Images 1" or "1 Pictures"). It also allows you to control what happens when a duplicate file already exists in the destination - you can overwrite all existing files with the new one, have the new file get a unique name, or just have it do nothing. File Shotgun is distributed under the MIT License, and includes the full C# source code.
Download File Shotgun

Blogger Post Stripper

The Blogger Post Stripper is another simple, free utility from Titanium Crowbar. This one allows you to enter the URL of a post on Blogger (and Blogspot), and it will produce a nicely stripped version of the post. It removes all styling (except text alignment) and class details. This makes the output suitble for directly pasting into another blog system or CMS. It also extracts the post's title and the original posting date (including UTC offset) so that if the content destination allows them, you can add them in as well. It also has a convenient button to copy each piece of data to the clipboard. Blogger Post Stripper is distributed under the MIT Licene, and includes the full C# source code.
Download Blogger Post Stripper

Name That Nerd

Our third Windows Phone 7 application is a simple quiz game, "Name That Nerd". Right now, most of the questions are about famous programmers, but we will be adding more over time.
See Name That Nerd in App Hub

Local Crime Rate

Titanium Crowbar's second Windows Phone 7 application is called "Local Crime Rate" and it is dead simple to use. Just pick a state and city and the application will show you a variety of crime statistics for the area. Upcoming versions will feature the ability get your current location via GPS, nicer display, and additional rankings and charts. This is a paid app (currently $0.99), and the source code is not available at this time to the public.
See Local Crime Rate in App Hub

Airport Status Checker

Airport Status Checker screenshotAirport Status Checker is a simple little Windows Phone 7 application that allows the user to see if there are any delays at an airport, and if so, how long those delays are. It also shows the current weather conditions. This application is available for free in the App Hub marketplace.

The source code is available under the MIT License. It was a learning application for us and we would be happy if you used it as a learning application for yourself. It does not reflect Silverlight or WP7 best practices. If you want to know how to write good Silverlight or WP7 applications, we suggest that you do some research and not simply copy this application! But if you want to learn how to write a quick 'n dirty application that accesses a REST Web service in Silverlight or WP7, this is a good place to see how that is done.