Titanium Crowbar Industries

Makers of strong, lightweight software that leverages your creativity

What exactly does that mean, "strong, lightweight software that leverages your creativity?" It means that when we design software, we keep the following principles in mind:

  • The software must be easy to use
  • The software must solve an actual problem, and not create new frustrations along the way
  • The software must enable you to spend less of your time doing mundane tasks, and more of your time doing interesting tasks
  • The software must be respectful of your time; that means that it is going to run as fast as possible and make the most use of your hardware in order to get its work done efficiently

What We Make

Currently, we are working on a major product called "Rat Catcher". Rat Catcher is aimed at media companies, bloggers, and other creators of content who want to maintain the integrity of their content. It can be used to verify that their content has not been copied from sources on the Internet, and it can be used to discover unauthorized uses of content.